Lymphatic Drainage

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    Endermologie a lymphatic drainage treatment!

    The lymphatic system of the body is not one we hear about often, despite the fact it plays an important role in removing waste products from the body, starting at the cellular level. Widely regarded as a lesser sister to the circulatory system, the lymphatic system is actually a crucial player in your body’s ability to ward off disease and heal from injury. When the lymphatic system is sluggish or clogged, the body retains damaging toxins. Cellulite is only one of the common symptoms of inadequate lymphatic drainage.

    Lymphatic drainage through Endermologie directly affects lymphatic system and all body fluids: blood circulation and cerebrospinal fluid. It also has an effect on immune system, the autonomous nervous system and musculoskeletal system.

    Each Endermologie treatment is a 100 % natural method. The deep massaging action increases circulation of both blood and lymphatic by 400% (manual massage increases circulation by 60%) and helps expel toxins and any abnormal fluid buildup.

    Increased lymph flow helps to boost immune system and stimulates the parasympathetic system, which means it can be helpful for clients suffering from depression, stress and sleeping disorders. The PEMF therapy by iMRS further supports those benefits.

    Detoxification is an ongoing process in our bodies, but occasionally our lymphatic systems need a little help to keep the process moving. A schedule of relaxing Endermologie treatments will not only stimulate your lymphatic system, it will reduce the appearance of cellulite, encourage internal blood and fluid circulation and bring back that healthy glow to your skin

    • Eases or clears chronic sinusitis, bronchitis, acne, insomnia and headaches
    • Strengthens the immune system
    • Relieves heaviness, tightness and swelling in those suffering from lymphedema
    • Faster recovery and less scarring from surgery and other types of trauma by making lymph flow faster and stimulating the formation of new connections between lymph vessels
    • Relieves heaviness, tightness and swelling in those suffering from lymphedema
    • Increases overall relaxation by decreasing stress
    • Relieves retention of fluids during pregnancy and menstrual cycle
    • Decreases local edemas and hematomas from orthopedic surgery, cosmetic surgery scars, and burn scars

    Post liposuction care with Endermologie

    A special kind of beauty care

    Endermologie is a great way to treat your body after liposuction. Ideally you would start as soon as 5 days post lipo, however you would want to get that done at your doctor's office. After about 3-4 weeks, depending how invasive the liposuction was, you can transition to a spa setting to continue with your sessions. Endermologie will help with all the swelling and water retention, and also help prevent unevenness that can sometime appear after the procedure.

    Vibration Therapy

    Whole Body Vibration

    Whole body vibration is useful form of therapy for people dealing with poor lymphatic drainage, painful joints, stiff muscles, weight management problems and poor immunity levels. All these issues can be addressed and solved through regular whole body vibration sessions. Whole body vibration exercise and therapy works our body from the inside out. Gentle vibrations moving into and throughout our entire body is an efficient, effective and safe way to stimulate muscles and bone cells.

    Low-speed, low magnitude vibrating platforms are changing the way many of us exercise and manage our fitness, wellness and longevity plans. Moving, exercising, or even standing on a vibrating platform will change your body.